SSC and Governance Team

SSC (School Site Council)


SGT (School Governance Team)

We are looking for interested people to serve on the SSC and the SGT for the 2018-2019 school year. Because we are a small school we combine these two important groups and hold one meeting each month. Being an active member of the SSC/SGT will keep you informed on important school issues and allow you to have a voice about budgetary decisions.

What is the School Site Council?

The School Site Council is an elected team made up of parents, staff and administration. As a body, the SSC is responsible for developing and monitoring the site plan to insure that the programs and budget are directed toward improving the achievement of all students. The SCT provides shared decision-making regarding a variety of school and community issues.

Responsibilities of the SSC

  • Establish the Council and Bylaws
  • Review school and student performance data
  • Establish/review school goals and select specific improvements
  • Develop the site plan with input from other advisory groups
  • Establish budgets associated with the plan
  • Monitor progress of plan implementation
  • Assess effectiveness of planned activities
  • Evaluate implementation of plan and resulting student achievement
  • Review/modify plan as needed
  • Collaborate with other advisory groups
  • Develop/oversee Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy
  • Develop/oversee the Home/School Compact
  • Recommend plan to Board of Education

Goals of the SSC/SGT

  • Improving academic performance of all students
  • Improving the psychosocial development of students
  • Improving the social relationships among adult stakeholders.
  • Improving curriculum and instruction
  • Creating effective staff development and parent training.
  • Creating effective public relations.
  • Monitoring the Single Plan for Student Achievement.
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